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Sunday of the Samaritan Woman – The Courage to Face the Truth


Christ is Risen!

It is strangely appealing to define ourselves by our failures, especially when others know that we have stumbled and treat us poorly as a result. As well, our own pride often causes us to lose perspective such that we obsess about how we do not measure up to whatever illusion of perfection we have accepted. People are often their own harshest critics in ways that are not healthy at all. Continue reading

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Trusting God’s Timing

I want to talk to you today about “Trusting God’s Timing.” It is interesting in the New Testament, before Christ would heal someone, often times He would first ask them how long had they been experiencing this difficulty? For example, He asked the crippled man at the pool of Bethsaida, “how long?” The man responded, “for 38 years.” Or the woman who was bent over, she responded, “for 18 years.” Or how about the young man who was blind, his parents responded, “from his birth.”

Why was God so interested in the length of time someone had been ill? Friends, it is because God wanted us to know that no matter what struggles we are facing today, no matter how long we have been in that situation, it is not PERMANENT. St. Paul writes, “for in our light affliction, which will only last a moment, joy is coming in the morning.” Notice, that our struggles will only last a moment and that joy is coming in our way. Why don’t you turn over everything to God. Don’t allow worry, stress, depression to take away the joy of the day. Trust in God knowing that He is constantly at work in your life.

Understand that trusting in God is not having it YOUR way, it is having GOD’s way, and that it is just a “matter of time” in which He will turn that TEST into a TESTIMONY.

Fr. Nicholas Louh


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The blessed Eldress Theosemni

Humble, Merciful, and Ascetic

Let us have a humble spirit. May we be careful to never see the sins of others, only our own sins. We, however, want to fix other people, but don’t want to fix ourselves. Eh…does this happen, though? No, we don’t fix ourselves! Our brother is not to blame for whatever happens, our spiritual condition is to blame. It’s this condition of ours that upsets us, which makes us judgmental, which causes us to get angry. We mustn’t blame others for these things. The causes are within us. If we ever do or think something good, let us not regard it as our own achievement, but the achievement of God. And let us say, “You, my God, You gave it to me. It’s yours and You allowed it and gave me the strength to do it.” In this way, we chase thoughts of vainglory far from us. Continue reading

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Making Room For God

There is a story of a high school senior who upon graduating his father takes him to a car dealership to select a gift. They found a car and the father said that he would take care of the rest. Graduation came and the young man’s father said, ‘Congratulations for finishing with honors, I want you to have this.’ And he handed him a Bible. His son was furious! ‘How dare you go back on your word and not give me the car.’ The boy said, as he threw the Bible down and left. The boy went away to college and never had anything to do with his father for the rest of his life. Continue reading

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Why Anita left worldly life for Meteora convent

The Meteora ‘suspended in the air’ monasteries in central Greece were built atop towering natural sandstone pillars that peak at more than half a kilometre high.

Along the ancient rock towers of Meteora a legend has flourished of an Australian tourist who stepped off a bus at a Greek Orthodox monastery and was never seen again.

Over decades, the tale peddled by tour guides has taken on a life of its own. But at dusk on a summer evening, you can still find the Perth-raised woman, once known as Anita Joy Phillips in full Orthodox monastic dress tending a garden at the back of the Saint Stephen’s nunnery, her blue eyes smiling from underneath a tight-fitting black headpiece.

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‘Chicken a la Carte’ short film

A remarkable story that brings out the false perception of inadequacy in each one of us. We have more than enough not just to live but to share with others if only we realize how many people are less fortunate than us. Continue reading

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