Sunday School

Are your children aged between 5 and 17?

Would you like them to learn about the Greek Orthodox faith?

St Vasilios Sunday School offers your children an education in our Orthodox faith which is meaningful, powerful and relevant for all ages, helping them to deal with today’s complex problems.

Every Sunday, lessons take place downstairs in the building behind the Church where our young people learn the treasures of our Orthodox faith including:

  • Explanation of the Divine Liturgy, the lives of saints, and major feast days
  • What the Liturgy is about and why we attend
  • The importance of moral values
  • The dangers of sin and its consequences in life.

Lessons are taught in a relaxed, friendly environment. We have classes for ages ranging from 5 yrs to 17 yrs. There are three class groups:

Junior Group: 5 – 9 years
Middle Group: 10 – 13 years
Senior Group: 14 years upwards

Lessons begin at the time of Holy Communion (approx. 10.30am) until Church dismissal. A Sunday School teacher is present from the time of Holy Communion at the entrance inside the Church for any queries and directions to the classrooms. Parents can wait outside the classrooms in the building to pick up their children at the end of each lesson, otherwise the children will be taken by the teacher to the Coffee Room at the side of the Church after the lesson.

Weekly lessons continue throughout the year without school holiday breaks and finish in mid-December each year. Non-attendance days are usually: Day of Greek School National Day marching (around March 25); Sunday of Holy Pascha; and Sunday of Holy Pentecost.

Annual Sunday School and Family Picnic: Melbourne Cup Day
Every year a picnic is organised for children and their families at our Geelong Monastery, Panagia Gorgoepikoos, cnr Monastery Court & Bluestone Bridge Road, Lovely Banks, Geelong, where in a peaceful, happy and friendly environment everyone enjoys the day together. The day begins with an English Liturgy, followed by organised games, prizes and fun for young and old. A flier containing more details is handed out close to the date.

Please bring your children along to learn of their rich Orthodox faith and come close to God and His Love. It is best if children can attend weekly, but if not, we are happy to see them whenever possible; they will still benefit from what they learn.

For more information, pick up a Sunday School flyer from St Vasilios Church.

Our children are our greatest treasure.
Offer your children this opportunity –
make the effort, you won’t regret it.
What you learn when you are young stays with you forever.

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