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Making Room For God

There is a story of a high school senior who upon graduating his father takes him to a car dealership to select a gift. They found a car and the father said that he would take care of the rest. Graduation came and the young man’s father said, ‘Congratulations for finishing with honors, I want you to have this.’ And he handed him a Bible. His son was furious! ‘How dare you go back on your word and not give me the car.’ The boy said, as he threw the Bible down and left. The boy went away to college and never had anything to do with his father for the rest of his life. Continue reading

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Why Anita left worldly life for Meteora convent

The Meteora ‘suspended in the air’ monasteries in central Greece were built atop towering natural sandstone pillars that peak at more than half a kilometre high.

Along the ancient rock towers of Meteora a legend has flourished of an Australian tourist who stepped off a bus at a Greek Orthodox monastery and was never seen again.

Over decades, the tale peddled by tour guides has taken on a life of its own. But at dusk on a summer evening, you can still find the Perth-raised woman, once known as Anita Joy Phillips in full Orthodox monastic dress tending a garden at the back of the Saint Stephen’s nunnery, her blue eyes smiling from underneath a tight-fitting black headpiece.

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‘Chicken a la Carte’ short film

A remarkable story that brings out the false perception of inadequacy in each one of us. We have more than enough not just to live but to share with others if only we realize how many people are less fortunate than us. Continue reading

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