Have you ever wanted something so much that you asked your parents for it again and again? Maybe it was a toy for Christmas or for your birthday. Maybe it was just a special meal or a treat. When we really want something, it’s hard to give up when somebody tells us “no.”

In today’s Gospel reading, we hear the story of the woman who was asking Jesus to heal her sick daughter. This woman was from Canaan, so she probably was a pagan (she believed in false gods). Also the Canaanite people had been enemies of the Jews for a long, long time. So when she came to Jesus asking Him for help, His disciples told her to go away. Jesus even told her “no” at first.

But this woman really wanted something. She wanted her daughter to be well! So it was hard for her to give up. Even though she didn’t worship the God of the Jewish people, she knew Jesus could heal her daughter. Jesus told her, “O woman, great is your faith! Let it be done for you as you want.” Our Lord healed the daughter right away. He knew she believed. He knew she had strong faith. And He knew she was an example for us all!

Presvytera Alexandra Houck,

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