THE CHILDREN’S WORD…Don’t be Afraid!

Is there something you are afraid about?

You might not know that the thing people are most afraid about is…spiders! Yes, more people are afraid of spiders than any other thing. Usually, people are afraid of something that is stronger than they are, or more powerful. Some spiders might have a strong poison, and you can’t do much about it!

In the Gospel reading today, Jesus tells His followers, “Do not be afraid!” He wasn’t talking about spiders, of course. But His disciples might have been afraid when they found out how powerful the Lord really was!

Saint Peter was cleaning his fishing nets when Jesus told him to go back out into the lake to try again. “We have worked all night and caught nothing, but at your word, I will let down the net” Peter answered Him. When he did what Jesus had told him, Peter caught so many fish that his boat was starting to sink! Then he and his friends knew that Jesus had done a miracle. They knew He was strong. They knew He was powerful.

We know that God is strong and powerful too. But let’s remember, God tells us too, “Do not be afraid!” We can still come close to God. We can still talk to Him in prayer. We can know more about Him when we read the Bible. Do not be afraid of our strong, powerful, but loving God!

Presvytera Alexandra Houck

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