THE CHILDREN’S WORD…God doesn’t want sadness!

We’ve all heard sad stories. But in today’s Gospel reading, we hear one of the saddest of all. We hear about a woman whose son had died. She was already a widow—her husband had died. Now her son had died, too. Of course, she was very upset!

When Jesus saw her, He felt sorry for her, too. “Do not weep,” He said. “Don’t cry.” Right then, He touched her son, and he rose up! The boy was alive again! Lots of times, especially when you were little, your parents might have seen you sad or crying. “Don’t cry,” they said. Of course, your parents don’t want you to be sad. Just like your loving parents, God does not want us to be sad either.

But God has given us something to be very happy and joyful about. He gave His own Son, Jesus Christ. He opened up heaven for us, so that one day, we can be in a perfect place forever! “Don’t cry,” God tells us too!

Presvytera Alexandra Houck, myocn.

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