THE CHILDREN’S WORD…Angels: What are they and how can they help me?

Did you know God has some special helpers? They’re called angels! The word “angel” means messenger, because God sends them to give messages to us on earth!

Lots of people say they believe in angels—even people who don’t believe in God. But we’ve all seen pictures of cute little angels flying around with little wings, playing the trumpet or harp. Let’s find out what angels really are!

God has lots of different kinds of angels. They serve God. They follow Him and do things for Him. They don’t have bodies like we do, and they are invisible. The different angels all have different jobs. Some try to help us to have more love for God. Some try to help us learn more about God. Some try to help us be better people—to remember God’s rules and to do them.

Archangels tell good news. Remember Gabriel, who told Mary she was going to have a baby? He is an archangel. In the liturgy, if you listen closely, you will hear about some other angels, the cherubim and seraphim. They bring us wisdom and love. Each one of us also has a guardian angel who protects us. You can pray to your guardian angel! Ask him to watch over you at school, at home, when you’re playing and even sleeping! Ask your parents to find the “Prayer to Your Guardian Angel” for you—in a prayer book or on the internet.

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