Blessed Mary of Egypt

5th Sunday of Lent, St Mary of Egypt, Luke 1 24-38

“Let us say something about the thorns. Blessed Mary of Egypt was twelve years old when she fell into the hands of the devil. She lived in sin day and night. But the merciful God enlightened her and she abandoned the world and went into the desert.

There she led a hermit’s life for forty years. She was cleansed and became like an angel.

God wished to give her rest, so lie sent the holy ascetic Zosimas to hear her confession and to give her holy communion. Then He received her holy soul into paradise, where she rejoices with the angels.

If there is anyone here like Blessed Mary, let him immediately weep and repent, now that he has time, and let him be assured that he will be saved as was Blessed Mary.”

St. Kosmos Aitolos, The Life of St. Kosmas Aitolos

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