A MESSAGE FROM FR ELIAS (St Haralambos, Tempestowe, Vic)

Many of us are ‘shell shocked’ over the current situation and the repercussions it’s having on our life especially on our ability to worship freely in our Churches. However perhaps this is a ‘penance’ imposed on us, out of love, by God in order to ‘jolt’ us back into reality.

If we examine ourselves truthfully we may find that we treated our spiritual life rather ‘casually’, without the proper respect and contrition, even sometimes with indifference.

How many times eg did we arrive late to Church?
How often did we participate in other public Church Services eg Vespers?
How often did we place more importance on worldly celebrations at the expense of proper respect and obedience to the Church’s life eg birthday parties during Lent and even Holy Week?
How often did we choose to ignore Sunday Services under the excuse of ‘I’m too tired’ or I have to go shopping etc, etc’?
How often did we ‘prepare’ for Holy Communion by going to Confession and yet omitting to attend Church on a regular basis?

So we have this ’penance’ imposed on us for the benefit of all. By being unable to attend Church Services at this most holy of times and unable to receive Holy Communion freely, I believe we have the opportunity to reassess our attitude, our devotion and our obedience to the Church’s life and ethos through more private prayer, study of the Holy Scripture and
works and lives of Saints etc in our homes.

By doing so, in humble obedience to His Eminence’s directions and the Laws of Australia, we will grow and be purified spiritually and fully appreciate the ‘pearl of great value’ we have and after the period of
our ‘penance’ participate conscientiously and blessedly in our Church’s life.


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