The Rich Ruler

Luke 18: 18-27

The rich ruler in this Bible reading did think of God and did think of eternal life and asked the most important question for himself and for all of us – how to obtain eternal life.

He knew and kept the commandments, but wanted to become perfect – he knew he could not depend on self or riches for everything.

We must realise that all the questions we have, and this most important one – all have been asked and answered from the very beginning.

The searchings and questions have not changed except people are asking and listening to many different and misinformed, wrong answers and sources. Our Lord pointed out the commandments that apply to every person in every age.

We must remember that we cannot judge or feel self-righteous when being present in this group and listening to the young rich man.

We may say to ourselves ‘well, I haven’t committed these great sins either’, but can we say we have not stolen our Lord’s time and used if for ourselves many times? (Time of prayer, thanksgiving, praying for others, worshipping Him, helping others etc.) Do we judge our brother falsely in our minds, to others? Do we honour our father and mother (bring honour to them by our good example and reputation)?

Would we give everything away if asked to – or hold something back – if not our belongings, our comfort, our circle of friends, etc. Would we make the sacrifice necessary for us? Our Lord did not usually ask people to sell all their material possessions but only to share them with those in need. Because Jesus loved the man He named these conditions for his particular need.

Through prayerfully seeking a deeper communion with the Lord and growing in our love for Him what seems impossible to us will be made possible through His grace. Let us pray that we listen to the words of our Lord with our heart and apply them to ourselves according to His Will.

You won’t become saints by hounding after evil. Ignore evil. Look towards Christ and He will save you. Instead of standing outside the door shooing the evil one away, treat him with disdain. If evil approaches from one direction, then calmly turn in the opposite direction. If evil comes to assault you, turn all your inner strength to good, to Christ. Pray, ‘Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.’ He knows how and in what way to have mercy on you. And when you have filled yourself with good, don’t turn any more towards evil. In this way you become good on your own, with the grace of God. Where can evil then find a foothold? It disappears!

~ St Porphyrios

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