What would you do if you had an hour free to do whatever you wanted? How about a weekend, or even a whole summer break? How would you spend your time? Reading books? Napping? Playing video games? Some-times we might want to spend our time in a good way, but when it comes down to it, we waste our time on silly things.

Today is the Sunday of the Prodigal Son. You remember that Gospel reading, don’t you? The young man wasted all his money on things he shouldn’t have. He might have wanted to spend his money on good things, but when he had the money in his hands, he wasted it all, every single bit of it! He didn’t have any money left for something he really needed—like food.

You’d probably never do what that young man did, but sometimes we do waste things, don’t we? We might waste food, clothes, or money, but the biggest thing we waste is TIME! God wants us to spend our free time in a good way, but lots of times we waste it. We might spend too long watching TV, or playing video games, or other things. (Your parents might waste time too, but just on other things!) Then, we don’t have any time left to use on something we really need— like praying to God and trying to grow closer to Him.
Let’s try to use our free time on things that God likes—like reading the Bible, praying to our Lord, helping and visiting others, and more!

Presvytera Alexandra Houck,

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