Prayer for the Dead

∼ Words from the Church Fathers ∼

Life of souls in the other world is described in the Bible and for our Church are realities.
(Luke 16:22-26, Matt 10:28, Matt 22:13, 1Cor 13:12, 1Cor 15:51, Phil 1:10, Heb. 12:22, Rev 2:10, 3:5, 21:8.)

The departed have not forgotten us nor are they indifferent to us.

Those who have pleased God with their holy life, the Saints, pray for us; the rest need our prayers.

Prayers for the departed are as ancient as the Christian Church (2Tim 1:18); in early Liturgies (Liturgies of St. James, St. Mark).

Christianity is a religion of love. Praying for the dead is an expression of love. We ask God to remember our departed because we love them.

It is our duty and obligation to pray for the forgiveness of the departed and our Church offers prayers for them at funerals, burials, services and at Holy Eucharist. We are also given the opportunity to pray for the departed three Saturdays before Lent and at Pentecost where all the dead are remembered – our forefathers; lost souls, forgotten souls; and all who have gone before us. We ask our Lord, to have mercy on their soul and trust in His loving kindness to hear our prayers.

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